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The parlor game Who would rather … is often played at weddings or parties. The nice thing about a party game is that all guests are involved. The wedding is always about the bride and groom. Funny, personal and provocative questions are asked here. One or the other loses his inhibitions here or the blush shoots him in the face. Incredible secrets come to light, you work up a sweat yourself and your eyes are guaranteed not to stay dry with laughter.

Who would rather … Questions, rules & instructions

Game material

  • Blue and yellow signs
  • Two chairs
  • alcohol

Game preparation for Who would rather …

Two chairs are placed with their backs next to each other in the middle of the room. The chairs are marked in blue and yellow. Teams are formed that do not necessarily have to be couples.

Rules of the game

The first couple take a seat on the chairs. You can now always ask five questions per couple. The questions can either be fictitious or a question from our list below. But don't be surprised, because the questions can be funny, provocative and also nasty.

Now the questions are asked one after the other. After each question there is a countdown such as 3-2-1 and everyone shows the color they think is correct. If the couple gave the same answer based on the colored chairs they sit on, then that is the correct answer. Everyone in the round who guessed differently has to drink a shot. If the couple does not agree, the majority wins. That means the color that is displayed the most is the correct answer. If you don't have the color, you have to drink and the pair twice as a punishment.


Instead of the different colors, you could also make signs with the names of the players and then always lift them up if you think that this question would apply to the selected team-mate.

Who would be more likely to ask questions – personal and exciting

Who would rather …

… get involved in a celebrity scandal?… be arrested for causing public nuisance?
… become a YouTube star overnight?… Have tears in your eyes when you see baby animals?
… delete your own Facebook account?… make yourself a monkey in the tram?
… mess with the staff in the restaurant?… fly out of a club because of bad behavior?
… start a fight?… compliment a complete stranger?
… donate all of his possessions to the world's poor?… become Federal Chancellor?
… emigrate overnight?… go to a monastery voluntarily?
… Can't take a shower for a week?… only eat instant food?
… steal a valuable coin from the museum?… become a feline granny as you age?
… end up on a stake in the Middle Ages?… adopt a child from Africa?
… give up his job for the good of the relationship?… fall into a depression when the mobile phone is lost?
… survive a week's party marathon?… found your own sect?
… dye his hair green?… put on his sandals with socks?
Who would rather? - questions: 50+ really great ideas (2)

Who would be more likely to ask – mean and mean

Who would rather …

… look better than the opposite sex?… rise to an international drug lord?
… launder mafia money?… cheat on his partner?
… Take revenge?… what to do with your manager for your career?
… only with Kik clothes walk around… Get fat and fat in old age?
… taking food away from a homeless person?… fake an orgasm?
… have your gender changed?… sell his eggs or sperm?
… put yourself in a box of wood lice for € 20?… let his parents disinherit him?
… spontaneously get naked now?… play Russian roulette for one million euros?
… sleep with a very nice but ugly person?… leave the light on in the bedroom?
… eat spaghetti bolognese from the other person's bare belly?… do without showering?
… sleep with a totally stupid but pretty person?… leave the empty toothpaste tube lying around?
… take out the garbage before the garbage disposal comes?… lying awake all night after watching a horror movie?

The party game Who would rather be is a funny question and answer game that is particularly popular as a wedding game, but is also suitable for any other party. You can also play it perfectly as a birthday game, at a baby shower or just in between. The party classic asks questions that should be answered truthfully. The course of the game can vary slightly depending on the occasion, but ultimately it is and will remain a question-and-answer game. In our text below, we will introduce you to the most popular variants of who would rather .

Gameplay in Who Would Rather be at a Wedding

As a wedding game, who would rather loosen up the game in between and creates a good atmosphere and there is a lot of laughter. If the mood is low during the celebration, it brings back a little relaxed atmosphere and puts you in a good mood. The rules of the game are very simple and do not require much preparation.
are required for this

  • two chairs
  • four shoes (bride's and groom's)
  • Bridal couple and game master
  • optionally a questionnaire with who would rather ask questions for a wedding

For the question game, the bridal couple sits back to back on the chairs. Both take off their shoes and give one of them to their partner. So everyone holds their own shoe and one of their partner's in their hands. Now the GM reads out a who would rather question. The bride and groom answer the who would rather question by picking up the shoe of the person they think would be more likely to do what is being read.

So the shoes serve as an answer to the questions asked by the game master. The bride's shoe is the answer for the bride, the groom's shoe for the husband. The wedding couple does not see each other's response. At a wedding, at best, not very provocative questions should be asked. Particularly intimate who would rather questions are rarely well received at a wedding celebration, but they are welcome to be a little pointed.

Who would rather ask wedding

Who would rather …Who would rather …
– put his underwear on again the next day?– starve instead of cooking something?
– spend a whole weekend in bed?– use used glasses the next day?
– embarrass your partner in front of all your friends?– no refill toilet paper when the roll is empty?
– Watch football instead of cuddling?– Put used handkerchiefs under the pillow
– steal someone else's duvet?– do without the partner?
– be able to remain silent for a whole day?– run a bubble bath for your partner?
– get along without a shower or bath for a week?– wear different colored socks?
– tell bad jokes?– bring breakfast in bed?
– get by without a mirror?– eat fast food for a week?
– do something spontaneously?– surprise the other with a gift?
– pay the bill in the restaurant?– Want offspring?
– get along without sex for a year?– snoring at night?
– empty or put in the dishwasher?– clean all the windows?
– show up on time for an appointment?– block the bathroom for the longest?
– “wear your pants” at home?– receive guests in a baggy look?
– forgot to flush the toilet?– buy unnecessary stuff?
– empty the fridge at night?– Repair things in the household yourself?
– drive a scratch in the car?– wash the laundry?
– fall asleep on the wedding night tonight?– get jealous?
– be as stubborn as a donkey in arguments?– to cheat on?
– wrap the other one around your finger?– come home drunk?

Procedure in the who would rather party game

Who would rather? - questions: 50+ really great ideas (3)

Who would rather as a birthday game is a little different than at a wedding party. You can play it with the same rules, but as a who would rather drinking game it's much more suitable for parties. Of course, alcohol does not necessarily have to be drunk, because you can also pepper the party cracker with various tasks that have to be fulfilled. We will explain to you here exactly how the process works.

For this you need:

  • several party guests
  • alcoholic beverages (if desired)
  • optionally a questionnaire with who would rather have questions for a party

At the party game, all party guests sit down in a large circle. You either appoint a game master or you take turns asking questions. It is helpful if you have a who would rather list of questions at hand, but of course the questions can also be asked spontaneously. In the party version, the individual player does not determine whether the question asked applies to him or her.

Rather, the choice rests with all guests, and each points to the person they feel the fact best suits them. Whoever gets the most pointers has to have a schnapps or a sip from their glass. If you play the party game without alcohol, you have to fulfill a task that has already been determined and communicated beforehand.

Who would rather ask for the party

Who would rather …Who would rather …
– tell the best fairy tales?– live like a mess?
– leave the house without a shower?– not changing his clothes for a week?
– do the craziest things?– steal a friend's partner?
– provoke a quarrel?– drink the bar empty?
– help in emergency situations?– are good as a DJ?
– shave his hair?– walking around with dyed green hair?
– invest his money in junk?– are good as a supervisor?
– hit others in the pan?– get along without sex for half a year?
– watch/read pornographic things?– get a tattoo on your calf?
– be able to go without your cell phone for a longer period of time?– do embarrassing things in public?
– walk barefoot with smelly feet?– complain loudly about the food in the restaurant?
– someday become famous?– be able to remain silent for a long time?
– throw the best party?– drink no alcohol?
– go to a Wolfgang Petry concert?– spend a whole day in bed?
– skip school?– end up in jail?
– can live without sweets?– get along without the internet?
– end up in the hospital for a chocolate overdose?– end up on a pyre as a heretic in the Middle Ages?
– survive in the wild?– be disinherited?
– are suitable as an attraction in the ghost train?– steal the money from a homeless man's hat?
– smacking and farting loudly in a fine restaurant?– strip in front of the assembled team?
– Pass on secrets?– have a blind date?
– lose his driver's license?– never exercise?
– fall asleep on the toilet?– take part in the jungle camp?
– get the lead role in a feature film?– freak out?
– become a YouTube celebrity?– endure a cosmetic surgery?
– be involved in a fight?– end up in hell instead of heaven

More variants of Who would rather…?

Another variation is who would rather play with only two people answering. They stand or sit down with their backs to each other. The spectators then point to the person they think is correct. The fun factor is also very high when those affected are allowed to answer themselves. To do this, they are given slips of paper on which the two first names are written and hold up the corresponding slip of paper as an answer.

The last type of game is absolutely perfect if, for example, you only want to play with three players. Then everyone gets sheets with all three names. In this case, everyone in turn can come up with questions and ask them. Some answers will provide for discussion. So who would rather be a full-length game.

Who would rather? questions always choose appropriate to the occasion

It is important to remember, however, that you may be stepping on someone's toes if you ask certain questions. To avoid arguments or overly heated arguments at the party, ask questions carefully beforehand and see if anyone might feel cornered by them. Extreme Who would rather ask questions should be left out if the party-goers don't know each other very well yet. But if the friendly relationship is already very good and everyone knows everyone else, you can definitely ask intimate or embarrassing WWE questions. Then the answers often even make for real laughs.

Be that as it may, it takes a little tact to come up with questions for the party and drinking game.

Similar games to Who would rather…?

Who would rather? - questions: 50+ really great ideas (4)

There are several other games that are very similar to Who Would Rather be a question and answer game that are just as fun and also enjoy playing as party games or drinking games. In the following games, just as in WWE, questions will be asked and answers expected.

  • Truth or Dare (WOP is also known as Spin the Bottle)
  • Have you ever…?
  • What happened if…?
  • Either or game

In principle, you can spontaneously think up any questions or tasks with these party games. In an emergency, one could also use the catalog of questions on this page as a starting point and reformulate the respective question.

Advantages of question-and-answer games like Who would rather…?

The good thing about all these group games is that you can play them without any equipment and for almost any occasion. Question and answer games are suitable for pretty much all ages with the appropriate questions. They are also suitable as children's games at children's birthday parties with the appropriate portfolio of questions. Some team leaders or youth leaders like to do question-and-answer games at holiday or youth camps, because by asking clever questions you can learn something about the participants and get to know each other better.

The list of questions for Who would rather…? should therefore always be adjusted according to the game situation. Some of our questions are not suitable for every occasion. I'm sure you have many other ideas to add to the list of WWE questions.

Who would rather video

The video shows the Who Would Rather game with three players. Everyone responds by holding up their matching name tag. The modified variant with only two players can be found above. If you are looking for more fun party games for your next party, please have a look here ., because there are more party game ideas.

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